Monday, June 27, 2011

Welcome to Ö - A Moebius Trip

Ö - A Moebius Trip is an exhibition where the visitors are invited on a voyage-expedition through the Stockholm archipelago on three bright Nordic summer evenings in August 2013. The project entices the curiosity of the audience in a joint discovery by using all senses.

The boat will be transformed into a temporary floating laboratory testing the boundaries between visual art and theatre that compels the audience into imaginative explorations. Through a series of actions the invited creators activate the minds of the audience that entice all the senses: hearing, taste, smell, touch that all trigger a different relationship to vision. The audience can move around freely enjoying the space both inside and outside perpetuating each individual visitor’s curiosity throughout the journey. With the aim of exploring the aesthetic/artistic implications of a boat and the surrounding archipelago.

The project will offer a new perspective on the archipelago. It will give a profound understanding on how visual art and theatre can co-exist and learned from each other. It will offer models for how culinary creativity can be incorporated into this process. It will deepen the understanding of how time and temporality can become a meaningful aspect in contemporary exhibition making. It will also offer important understanding of how the audience can be activated in the presentation of contemporary art and play an important role in the co-creation of knowledge.
A catalogue that documents the project will be created along with a radio transmission that allows the audience the opportunity to follow the process of the project’s realization.

The artists and curators of the project have carried out three workshops in Stockholm and at Sandhamn. The first took place in October 2011,  the second in June 2012 and a third in October 2012.  The final journeys will take place August 24-27, 2013.

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  1. ... alternative geography as multiplicity /reversibility of space and time.