Monday, September 26, 2011


Ok everyone, as we approach the dates of our mini-residency, here are some links to inspire you before we go.

1. Homer's The Odyssey:

Wikipedia entry - quite comprehensive analysis, my nerdy academic self approves of it.

The whole text can be found here

2. Edgar Allan Poe - A Descent into the Maelstrom: describes the thoughts of a sailor who saves himself from being swallowed by a gigantic whirlpool by studying the effects of the currents.

Read the short-story here

And a german accent youtube version of this:

And Philip Glass's interpretation here

3. Samuel Taylor Coleridge - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Read the poem here

4. August Strindberg - Stockholm and its archipelago is a main topic in the works of August Strindberg, esp. the novels Hemsöborna (1887), the most popular of all novels by Strindberg, Skärkarlsliv (1888), and I havsbandet (By the Open Sea, 1890). Strindberg’s model for his novel Hemsöborna, one of his most popular ones, were the relations among people on the island of Kymmendö in the Southern archipelago of Stockholm. Spiced with comedy traits, in the style of Dutch genre painting, but presented as an ”intermezzo scherzando“, The People of Hemsö gives a vivid picture of the struggle for life with the decline of Madame Flod and her farm hand Carlsson, who gets married with her and wants to take power on the island, but drown in the icy waters.

Text: Hemsöborna (coming soon)

5. José Saramago: The Tale of the Unknown Island

More to come soon! Enjoy!

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