Monday, October 10, 2011

Ö - Schedule for the Stockholm Meeting

Here, you find some general information, schedule, and images for your inspiration. The yellow house in the photos is where we will stay in the island of Sandhamn, at the edge of the Stockhom archipelago.


The purpose of our trip is three-fold:

1. Meet the group
2. Engage in the initial research process for this project as a collective endeavor, and address all questions concerning the exhibition format as well the research and collaborative praxis as a means to address this exhibition format and its uniqueness.
3. Become familiar with the archipelago and the island

This is the first meeting of several we will be having this year and the next, looking to make this event come to life in the late summer 2012.


Thursday October 13th
Afternoon - Arrival in Stockholm
Evening - 6.30 pm - Welcome dinner at Pipersgatan 26, on the island of Kungsholmen in central Stockholm (door code 2425, 2nd floor right inner courtyard)
Short Presentation about the archipelago's archaeological history by Ö honorary member Atle Baekken, marine archaeologist and head researcher at Sjöhistoriskamuseet (Marine museum) in Stockholm.
Find it here:

Friday October 14th
Meet at 8.30 am outside Slussen metro station (Södermalmstorg)
8.48 am sharp - bus 434 leaves from Slussen terminal to Stavsnäs port where we catch the boat for Sandhamn. It's 55 minutes on the bus and 1 hour on the the boat. Arrive at 10.45 am.
Lunch at the house
Afternoon and evening schedule to be confirmed and material to be sent separately.

Saturday October 15th
Meals, presentations,discussions, workshops and fieldtrip explorations to the beach and around the island.
Day schedule to be confirmed and material to be sent separately.

Sunday October 16th
Breakfast at the house
12 pm - Departure from Sandhamn with direct boat to Stockholm. Arrival in Strandvägen at 2.15 pm (center town)


We have a really nice house in Sandhamn waiting for us with 4 rooms. Some of you will stay in a separate house to ensure we have enough comfort. The village itself is relatively empty this time of year, so we can pretty much count on having the island almost all to ourselves.

For those of you staying in Stockholm before and after our trip, we have accomodation for you already. We will get in touch with each of you separately.


Bring warm clothes, good boots for walking and raingear (cap and gloves too). Since we are at the edge of the sea, it will be windy. The weather forecast says 'mostly sunny with occasional rain' and the temperature could be between 12 and 5 degrees. Sunset at 17.40 pm. Stay warm! We won't be having costume parties, but if you feel like bringing anything strange to wear and make a performance out of it, be our guest, anything is possible on the island.


Yes, this will be mostly work but we don't expect anyone to really produce anything before we get to the island, unless you really want to. The only preparation you need to do is to reflect on the emails we have sent before and perhaps delve a little bit into the literature recommended in our blog. It will definitely be interesting to bring whatever input and material you feel is important to share with the group. Also, bring whatever equipment you need and would like to use. No wifi in the house, but some of us will have USB sticks you can use for Internet. Mostly we expect to engage in lively conversation, some workshop-ish activities but also enjoy being on the island in a nice house with all of you extraordinary people all together.


Will be special. If you have any dietary restrictions, let me know as soon as possible.

If you still need me to make travel arrangements for you, let me know ASAP.

Any questions, concerns, and if you would like to post general conceptual questions to the whole group or just to myself and Per, please do so.

If you would like the group to bring something to the island, or to think about some ideas that interest you, please post a message to the whole group.

We are SO looking forward to seeing you all in Stockholm next week!

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