Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Benjamin from Attica

Following Isabel's exquisite map, I will give you some relevant quotes from Benjamin from his amazing text about Kafka. (It is available in Illuminations, that you can read here.) I am re-reading this text with my feet in the Aegean Sea, surrounded by a beautiful archipelago. So you can see that I am hard at research.

What Benjamin is looking for is deafness rather than blindness, or maybe just silence? Either way we are close to 4'33" and our experiments in Stockholm.

So remember, whatever you are doing this summer and wherever you are, to use the gods as shields and become silent Sirens. I round this off with another image of my search for Poseidon in the Pyrenées. We never found him, but created three new Ambassadors.

Enough enigmas for today?


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