Sunday, September 2, 2012

Second Workshop - The Island version 2.0

Since we last met in Sandhamn last autumn and defined the general shape of the trip and of the experience, Per and I have developed the concept so that it becomes even tighter and gives us a main concept to work through during our mini-residency.

Per and I came to the conclusion that both we, the artists, and the audience need to somehow share a common goal, a common 'quest' so that the odyssey can come into full bloom. Everyone on the boat will embark on trying to find the point where the island was, and that point lies in the fold of the Moebius strip which is what shapes our trajectory.

During our time together, this is what we intend to work out how do we construct this experience. What dramatic arch will it follow? Will it be a non-linear story that repeats itself several times during the trip, a sort of Beckett on water? Or will we follow the narrative epic arch, just like Odysseus, where there is a mission, the obstacles and the fulfillment of the mission?

14th June - Thursday

- Arrival during the day, check-in at hotel.
- 7 p.m. Dinner at Andrea's place, Brunnsviken, by the lake, with food, swim and even a boat ride around the lake and perhaps a surprise.

15th June - Friday

- Depart for the island
Arrive, check-in, lunch, meeting, swim, rest, dinner, swim, plan next day's trip, sleep.

16th June - Saturday

- Get onboard - full day on boat. Lunch onboard.

- Return by the evening, dinner and discussions.

17th June - Sunday

- Return to Stockholm
- Stop by Artipelag, see their premises, speak with a curator.

17th June or 18th June

To see more images from the workshop click here.

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