Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ö - 3rd Workshop in Stockholm

Welcome to our third meeting. Our residency will be a little bit different this time. We will be staying in the city, visiting our boat, and doing activities around Stockholm - the archipelago city. 
The intention this time is to work together on the final concept and get into the details of how we will "choreograph" the experience into the 5 hour trip. Knowing what the boat is like will make it easier for us to finally model our work against a more real scenario. It will also be a great opportunity to discuss your proposals and further refine them into a plan we can work with for the final production next summer!
One of our activities will entail being outside for one afternoon. Please bring warm clothes, raingear, and hiking shoes/boots  - Temperatures during the day are around 12ºC but it drops at night to about 6ºC. Therefore, bring a good jacket and caps/gloves - you will need it!! We are almost in the North Pole, remember?

Marcia also suggests we all read the short story Tale of an Unknown Island by José Saramago. It is a fantastic short story that tells a lot about what we are actually trying to do. At least, I am identifying with the main character as I am in the process of selecting our boat, etc...

Please read this - important!!

You can read the story here. Enjoy! 
Preliminary schedule: 
Thursday Oct 4: Arrival. Opening at Nordin Gallery in the evening, first dinner and working session. 
Friday October 5: Visiting the boat, Choreographing the experience. 
Saturday October 6: Sketches and tests of works by all involved; 5-hour "Möbius Trip" in undisclosed location. 
Sunday October 7: Work session at sea.
Monday October 8: Departure.

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