Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ö – A Möbius Trip at Färgfabriken


Isabel Löfgren & Peter Lang – Experiencing Sites in Movement: Ö-A Möbius Trip and Stalker walks

Welcome to the presentation of  “Ö – A Möbius Trip,” 11am, November 12 . Artist Isabel Löfgren together with Peter Lang (professor in Architectural Theory and History at the Royal Institute of Art and member of Stalker) will take the audience on a psychic exploration of  thinking related to the archipelago, Nordic mythology, nomadism and heterotopic locations.

The event takes its starting point in “Ö – A Möbius Trip,” a publication that documents a voyage with the goal of finding a mysterious island in the Stockholm archipelago. The investigation was undertaken by a group of international artists inspired by Homer’s Odyssey and was born from a series of research voyages and actions in and through the Stockholm archipelago.
The publication is co-edited by Isabel Löfgren and Per Hüttner. It is produced by Vision Forum and participating artists are: Cecilia Ahlqvist, Valerio del Baglivo, Andrea Hvistendahl, Marcia Moraes, Lillevan, Egill Saebjörnsson, Camila Sposati, Samon Takahashi and special appearances by Atle Baekken, Mats Hjelm, Jean-Louis Huhta and Emilia Rota.

November 13, 11 am Färgfabriken – part of MARETOPIA, curated by Kristina Lindemann and Jens Evaldsson

Maretopia is a vision of a floating culture house that relates to its context in an eco-conscious way and promotes the production and experience of art on the waters of Stockholm. Maretopia is a public place to experience and discuss artistic and scientific content. It is a collaboration with students and teachers of Konstfack’s department for Interior Architecture and Furniture Design and realized with the kind support from Konstfrämjandet and Färgfabriken.

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